5 Basic Must-Haves for Every Nonprofit Website

When creating a website for a non-profit, the main goal is to encourage your potential donors to give. This can be accomplished through making your web-page easy to navigate, including

Dealing with Modern Phishing Attacks

Modern internet phishing attacks are easy to avoid if you pay attention. There are obvious telltale signs of phishing sites and email. There are things today that have been implemented

Using Local Outreach to Engage the Online Generation

Communicating across oceans and continents gets a lot easier every single day. Locally focused fundraising is becoming very redundant for nonprofits. This is especially true when they are looking to

Storytelling Tips for Small Non-Profits

For small teams in organizations dedicated to fundraising or communications, storytelling will be key. You want to be able to leverage your time and resources so that you can get

A Comprehensive Approach to Cybersecurity at Your Nonprofit

The world is changing when it comes to cybersecurity threats. Hackers, criminals, are adjusting their methods as they try more sophisticated methods to penetrate a company’s security field. Non-profit companies