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11 Reasons Your Nonprofit Might Need a Logo Redesign

Making or changing a logo for a company includes many factors in order to be successful. Some of the key factors are colors and readability, representation, quality, and format. When creating a logo make sure to use lesser colors and easy to read fonts. Too many colors can make your logo hard to understand when used against different backgrounds and poor font can be difficult to read. Secondly, a logo needs to represent your company using the proper name instead of an abbreviation. Next, the quality of the logo is important. The logo needs to be saved as a certain file type in order to make sure your logo can be resized and still retains a great quality. Lastly, a logo needs to be made with a format that will let the application of the logo vary. The logo also demonstrates the amount of business your company receives.

Key Takeaways:

Modern and updated logos help capture the viewer's eye better.

Professionally designed logos are always better, and make sure it represents your nonprofit perfectly.

Easy to read and less than 3 colors will be the best route.

“If you’re wondering if your nonprofit needs a logo refresh, we’ve compiled some questions to help you determine whether or not the time has come to give your logo a little love.”

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