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17 Sure Ways to Save Money as a Nonprofit

If you run a nonprofit, there are a plethora of different ways to shave off a few dollars from your expenses. These methods can not only save you money but make your nonprofit more environmentally friendly and boost your reputation as well. Some of these include buying things for your nonprofit new instead of used; become greener by using energy-saving appliances and digital instead of paper things, and utilizing internship and volunteer opportunities from schools and programs that encourage their staff to volunteer. They also include expanding your online presence, and finally, use all the tax breaks that you can find!

Key Takeaways:

Non-profits operate under tight constraints, and one of the best ways to make ends meet is to make sure you aren't spending money you don't have to.

Both online and physical infrastructure should be looked at when considering whether you have money tied up in things you don't need or aren't using to their fullest capabilities.

People are a resource too, and whether it's volunteers, employees or donors, you should make sure you are utilizing what they are willing to do for you in the best way possible

“There are many reasons why a nonprofit should seek to save money, but ultimately, it’s so much easier for a nonprofit to cut costs and save money than it is to raise more.”

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