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18 Free Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

There are 18 free marketing tools available for all of the nonprofits out there. Nonprofits are big fans of free services as well as discounted services. When it comes to project management, there is a free tool called Asana. You can get the basic version for free only. The advanced one will require some money. This tool will help to organize as well as manage and plan the nonprofit marketing projects that you need help with.

Key Takeaways:

Many free online marketing tools are available for nonprofits that will assist with operations from fundraising to mailing lists.

A small marketing budget should not hold back your nonprofit from being efficient and effective online with these free tools.

18 easy ways to use technology on a shoestring budget to lift your nonprofit to accomplish a variety of essential projects.

“If you find something that meets your needs elsewhere, it never hurts to ask about a discount for nonprofits.”

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