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21 Intriguing SEO Facts Exposed by Google on Webmaster Central & Hangouts

Perhaps all digital marketers know that when it comes to ranking high on search engines, nothing is more important than properly outlined SEO. However, many people fall victim to the false insight available online. Following some of the SEO facts provided below will provide any marketer with the insight needed to better understand the Google search algorithm, and plan their SEO strategy accordingly in order to make the most out of their search engine techniques.

Key Takeaways:

Google Panda can relegate a site to bottom of search results if not up to quality standards. Mobile page speed does not affect rankings.

Multiple default pages may be necessary for different accents such as UK English, Australian and American English.

Content can be flagged for promoting hate or violence against a group, racial slurs, or graphic violence, among others.

“Google Webmaster Central Hangout is an important source of information you should always keep an eye on.”

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