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3 Helpful Apps to Visualize and Simplify Google Analytics Data

Whenever you use analytics and data it can be very overwhelming. Do you ever know where to start? I certainly didn’t but there are actually three helpful applications that you can use to visualize and even simplify Google Analytics data. There is Whatagraph, Sumome, and DataCheck. To learn more, read about these applications in this article.

Key Takeaways:

Google Analytics is an awesome platform. It’s the most advanced, flexible and the smartest website analytics software that comes for free. But it will easily take you days (if not months to figure out!)

Sumome has other cool features, so I haven’t installed it for its Google Analytics integration, but having it there, why not enable and play?

DataDeck is a multi-task analytics dashboard you can integrate a lot of sources into including Google Analytics. When setting it up, select your sources, and then select which data you want to see on your dashboard.

“Whatagraph is a most indepth, yet easy-to-understand visualization of Google Analytics I have ever seen.”

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