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4 Tips to Optimize Your Images for Web and Mobile

There are 4 very good tips to optimize your images for both web and mobile. The speed of your website can have a very big impact on your success. Every second counts a lot and can make a huge difference in people returning to the site. Before you optimize any of your images, you should check to see if you need all of the images that are on your site. You can get rid of some images and it will not have any impact on the visitor.

Key Takeaways:

To improve your website’s loading time, both on mobile and web, start with optimizing your images.

Do an inventory of all of your website’s images and remove the ones that do not enhance the user’s overall experience.

Using Adobe Photoshop or another photo editor, resize and compress all of your images prior to uploading them to the system.

“If you have a website, image optimisation should be at the forefront whenever uploading any media.”

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