49 Essential Design Elements Your Ecommerce Product Pages Should Include [Infographic]

There is an approach to web design that is very useful for setting up product pages on E-commerce sites. There are five things to consider: three places on the page that highlight different types of information, plus awareness of SEO issues and technical requirements for an E-commerce product page. Any company doing business on the web can think of their page as having 3 sections, above the Fold, below the Fold, and the footer. The first section (Above the Fold) will contain the most important information related to the product and company that is the company logo, product name, customer service number, pricing, a buy button, pictures and videos, shipping information, and other information that will catch the customer's attention right away. This is information that the company needs to make a sale quickly. In the second section (Below the Fold), the E-commerce company can put other items that can persuade hesitant customers to hit the buy button or buy even more items for example; a product description, product reviews, FAQs, related products that may interest the customer, etc. In the third section (the Footer); there should be links to social media, contact information, business hours, a menu, an invitation to be on the company's mailing list, etc. This is a wonderful way to organize any E-commerce site. It is critical to have the website set up perfectly to optimize Google and other search engines, and the website has to be set up properly to speed up loading time and work seamlessly across platforms.

Key Takeaways:

    • Above the fold items should be the things most likely to get someone to buy the product, such as price and number of items in stock.
    • Below the fold items are the details and reviews for the more discriminating buyer.
    • Footer should be standard for the company, such as contact info and social media links.

“Make sure duplicate product pages are not created.”

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