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5 Harsh Truths About Your Dismal Customer Engagement Rates

Customer service time can be split into two major categories: average daily customer transactions and “moment of truth” occurrences. Moment of truth occurrences are the times when something goes wrong for your customer, these are times that could make or break your business rapport. Having live customer service easily available is one way to ensure that you maintain a happy customer base.

Key Takeaways:

Business survival hinges on your team connecting with customers. Strive to build relationships to bridge your SaaS brand’s values with your target audience.

Customers want help now, not later. And by not offering real-time support, you dismiss the need to get their concerns addressed.

Offer customers real-time support to answer their questions. Integrate product tutorials within your SaaS application. And send personalized email marketing campaigns.

“The customer experience is one of the pivotal factors that differentiates you from the competition.”

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