Reasons To Use Emojis In Your SEO

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Emojis in Your SEO & PPC Strategy

There are 5 very good reasons why you should use Emojis in your SEO and PPC strategy. There has been a big response over the decision by Google to start using Emojis. They were actually taken away by Google in 2015, but they made a big comeback just a year later. People wonder if emojis can actually help their site. If you use emojis, then you can help out your click-through rate on your site.

Using emojis can help by increasing the click-through rate for your site.

It is a good way for users to get better results when searching.

Emojis can help you connect with your users better and increase their trust in you.

“We can say with no doubt that emojis are very much used by lots of people.”

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