Nonprofit Technology Management

6 Tips for Nonprofit Technology Management

Technical issues can be a headache no matter where you encounter them, but especially so in a nonprofit company. Here are some great ways to take advantage of your resources to manage technology in your nonprofit company. If you are a hands-on person you could attend events yourself to learn more about tech issues. You can form a committee within the company to make sure everything gets done. You can put a plan in place for tech issues that may come up. You can decide whether outside help is needed and if it is then you have a couple of choices. You can utilize a help desk or an individual consultant. The nice part with these options is that tech issues are their sole focus, giving you more time to focus on your role.

Key Takeaways:

Workers should attend FREE Tech Workshops to grow skill sets.

Utilizing Help desks will maximize productivity by utilizing the best use of time.

Make a tech plan and form a tech committee to implement the plan.

“With the right backups, patching, antivirus, and antimalware in place, you can go about running your business without the added worry. “

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