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6 Ways to Enhance Your Website’s Credibility and Inspire Trust

There are 6 main ways you can enhance your website's credibility. First of all, an “About Us” page is a really good move. Use good contact tools, like chat, for example, to make it easy for customers to get in touch with you. Also, creativity in the use of visuals, like pictures is required. Add a logo to your website. SSL Certificate is another perfect way to make a secure domain. Other things like maintaining a blog or customer reviews section are additional hacks for a good website that's attractive for potential customers.

Key Takeaways:

Tell your story to capture customer's attention. Do not use generic wording. Be creative.

Create a blog and publish a new one three to four times per week. Make it interesting for your visitors.

Use your own images. Generic stock photos are okay to use minimally, but you should try to use your own.

“It's also a good idea to showcase reviews that your company has received on various websites, such as Facebook, Yelp and Google. Doing so will give your visitors the assurance that they're visiting the website of a business that cares about quality.

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