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6 Ways to Make Your Prospects HATE Your Website

There are 6 ways that you can make your prospects hate your website a lot. A prospect will strongly hate your website if you make your website go very slowly. It is important to avoid bad hosting because it will kill the chance of gaining any new prospects. Also, if your forms crash all of the time, then you will lose out on the prospects too. If you make baseless claims, this will also work against you.

Key Takeaways:

You can deter website visitors from returning if your site is slow. A slow website is very frustrating to navigate and will annoy your users.

Cheesy content that makes baseless claims can be illegal and provides no concrete evidence to support how good your service is.

It's easy to keep visitors at your website angry. Simply hide all of your best and most relevant content beneath a web of links and make it impossible to find.

“Implement one of these suggestions and you’ll have some measure of success… implement all of them and you’ll be on the fast track to damaging your brand so quickly you’ll be looking for a new job by Monday.”

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