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8 WordPress Plugins and Tools for Designing Beautiful Tables

WordPress users will sometimes have a need or desire to create tables as they edit their content. Fortunately, tables do not have to be created from scratch. There are quite a few WordPress apps and plugins that will make this easier. These plugins include TinyMCE Advanced, Data Tables Generator, League Table, Pricing Table and many more. By using one of these plugins, you can create new tables from scratch with ease. You can also import pre-made tables into your content. Tables can be useful for creating data or information that is more pleasing to the eye, and easier to organize.

Key Takeaways:

WordPress is a powerful platform for building sites, with all of the functionality of most major desktop publishing packages.

However, one very significant thing that WordPress is missing the ability to create tables.

Fortunately, there are a number of third-party plugins for WordPress that will enable you to make good-looking tables.

“By using a WordPress plugin or site builder to create your tables, you can do some cool things to make them stand out on your website.”

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