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A Comprehensive Approach to Cybersecurity at Your Nonprofit

The world is changing when it comes to cybersecurity threats. Hackers, criminals, are adjusting their methods as they try more sophisticated methods to penetrate a company's security field. Non-profit companies tend to be at more risk than say larger profit companies with more resources to defend against cyber threats. More efficient methods are discussed for non-profits to be able to meet these threats head-on and be safer in an unsafe cyber world.

Key Takeaways:

Cybersecurity risks are increasing worldwide. IT systems are growing larger with the addition of Cloud Solutions.

Each individual's online devices and identities are monitored by the new cybersecurity.

Any website is accessible to hackers. Beware for hackers sending a specially crafted text, because it may be a hacker's ploy.

“Security threats are now being leveraged by sophisticated and profit-driven criminal enterprises with significant resources. Understanding the new and persistent threats that exist is a good first step to adopting a meaningful approach to security at your organization.”

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