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Is AdRoll Retargeting More Effective on Facebook or the Web?

AdRolls on Facebook are more effective than adRolls on the general web. On Facebook you have the ability to explain your ad, images, and give a full picture of what you offer. When people are using the general web, they are there for a reason that usually does not have to do with your ad. On Facebook users are looking for something to do and interact with. Overall, it is important to know your audience and who you are trying to target when deciding between adRolling on Facebook or the general web.

Key Takeaways:

Targeted ads are always a working strategy to be used. Facebook is the next website that may see the use of targeted ads.

Let the data decide which advertising strategy to use. Facebook will make new opportunities available for the smart investor.

CRM segmenting will make new advertising techniques possible through Facebook. Make good use out of the CRM segmenting concept itself.

“In our experience we have seen consistently higher engagement and conversion through AdRoll’s Facebook network.”

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