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Trolls: A guide to beat them!

Trolls come in many forms. Comments on your social media post, negative reviews on your Google listing, colorful emails. However they find you, trolls will be trolls. If there's one thing you take away from this article, let it be this: do NOT EVER engage with a troll.

With the way we use the internet now, it's almost expected that there will be negative comments about an organization out there somewhere. It's not even necessarily bad nor does it turn people away. It's how you react. If you “clap back”, yes you will defend your business and get a rush of satisfaction, but that can escalate a situation — which you never want to do. Comments can get more vial, and you then put a target on your back. Trolls have friends, and their friends have friends…

Here's what you can do:

If it's on social media:

Hide the comment. Don't delete. Nobody needs to see the negative comments when coming across your page, but keep the comment in case you should need it again in the future.

Report their comment to the platform, and then you will be prompted to ban the person from your page. If it's on Facebook or Instagram, they will open up a case and keep you posted on their decision and what to do next.

If the comment/post is threatening (sigh) contact your local authorities and follow what they advise.

If it's on Google: 

Flag as inappropriate and Google will review the comment. It's possible they will remove it if they find it to be against their policies.

Again, if the review is threatening (still sighing) contact your local authorities and follow what they advise.

If it's via email:

Don't answer the answer.

Keep the email to have on record.

Forward it to your boss and/or your HR committee.

If the email is threatening (yes – still sighing) contact your local authorities.

After following our advice on how to deal with trolls, sit back with your co-workers and have a good laugh! Some of the comments/posts can be quite the entertainment provider. That's one thing to thank a troll for!

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