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How to Auto Update WordPress Salts

If you have ever looked into your core configuration file you will see lots of security keys. In these keys on WordPress you will find 8 main salts. These keys and salts are used with Cookies to increase the level of security of your website. It is generally a very good idea to update these on a regular basis. This could become very time consuming if you have multiple sites to update. But the folks at WordPress have created a secret key URL for your use. If you follow the link you can add plugins that will update it all for you automatically.

Key Takeaways:

There are security keys that WordPress uses to add to their security.

WordPress keeps track of who is logged in by using cookies.

It is a good idea to update security keys as well as salts.

“To make sure that authentication details are as secure as possible, unique keys and salts are used to increase the level of cookie encryption.”

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