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Backlink Blindspots: The State of Robots.txt

Strategize your web-crawling bots to be very similar to Google. However, we hit restrictions when our bots encounter certain “blind spots” in the form of robots.txt on pages. Webmasters use this device to block bots from all web pages on a site, directing them only to a few limited pages or giving no access at all. Sometimes our bots get blocked from pages Google bots can access. This makes our link pointing less accurate, less detailed and weakens our crawl prioritization due to limited next jumps we can go to. The younger bots, like DotBot are able to operate more similarly to Google, while bots with a long history like Magestic seem to be blocked most. Bots are often singly excluded, so tweaking may be required to access certain websites by using certain bots.

Key Takeaways:

Its like google in aspects to users searching and finding information.

It can surf the inner web without bothering or interfering with webmasters.

It is a backlink index to help people search more efficiently, and productively.

“A bot designed to act like Google needs to be just as concerned about pages that only receive internal links as they are those that receive external links”

Read more: https://moz.com/blog/blindspots-in-the-link-graph

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