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Best Blogging Practices For Nonprofit Blogs

There are some tools that will strengthen your brand & practices needed to create content that resonates with readers. When you post try to communicate and engage with your readers and ask them questions. It shows them you are real people and not some corporation that doesn't care about people. Great content is important so try hiring other people to write and share their stories and opinions or have guest bloggers make a cameo and contribute to the blog. Share stories, testimonies of what you guys did, & share good things about your readers.

Key Takeaways:

Blogs are a good way to strengthen the brand of your business.

One key aspect when blogging is to engage with the audience.

The main purpose of the blog is to show humanity and also to engage with the audience.

“The biggest mistake that most people do when blogging for non-profits is to not engage with their audience/users. A blog is not just a place for you to put up articles about your charity drive and company accomplishments, it can also be a place to communicate directly with your audience.”

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