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How to Do a Competitor Analysis for SEO

Competitive analysis is an often missed crucial first step in launching a SEO campaign. It's important to know what SEO strategies are actually working before you begin, preventing failure even before you start. Find out here how to identify your competitors and analyze what they are doing right or wrong in getting customers to their landing pages. By doing this first, when you add your content, you have better chance of doing better than your competition.

Key Takeaways:

Every business owner wants their model to succeed on the open market. SEO competitive analysis could be a critical feature that people need to use.

Use the right tactics in a crowded industry to get the upper hand. That could help business owners find early success that they likely need.

Keyword rankings are a fundamental aspect of SEO competitive analysis over time. It is critical and can't be skipped while doing a complete analysis.

“SEO competitive analysis is critical because it gives data about which tactics are working in the industry we are in and what we will need to do to start improving our keyword rankings.”

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