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2022 is the year of video content. 

Video is booming, and more and more businesses are embracing video content as a critical part of their content marketing strategies. 

While videos were once seen as something you’d use to appeal more to younger audiences, today, viewers of all ages are turning to video. 9 out of 10 people surveyed said they wanted the brands and companies they followed to produce more video content. This makes videos one of the best ways to generate leads and brand awareness. 

We can feel some of you resisting, though. 

For starters, videos are more complex and complicated to produce than blog articles or photo posts. Also, what if you’re camera shy? Many people feel nervous or uncomfortable in front of a video camera.

Don’t worry. That’s what we’re here to help you with today. 

We have five tips to help you appear more confident in your video content. 

Ditch the Fear of Public Speaking

We know that’s easier said than done. 

Many people fear speaking in public, which extends to speaking in front of a camera. It feels unnatural. On top of this, we set high expectations in our own minds for how the speech or presentation should go. We focus our attention on all the little details in our delivery, voice, etc., that our audience usually won’t even notice. 

Anything we don’t do regularly feels uncomfortable at first. Just look at the Rock’s first appearance in a film versus today. You get better over time simply by showing up and trying repeatedly. 

Video doesn’t have to be intimidating. 

In fact, for many viewers, it’s the human element that makes video such a potent marketing tool. That’s right, even if you’re nervous and awkward, that can actually work IN your favor rather than against it. Today’s audiences are more distrustful of super-polished speakers. If you’re stuttering or making minor mistakes, your audience might like your content MORE. 

Don’t Worry About Having the Best Equipment

An extension of the fear of public speaking is a fear of looking unprofessional. 

Video is a tricky medium to get right. The gap in quality between a home movie and a professional one isn’t as much as it once was. But the expense difference between a budget camera and a professional video camera is significant. So, eeking out that extra bit of definition or quality can often come with a substantial rise in costs – both in money and time. 

There are so many choices regarding what gear to use that it can overwhelm most businesses. You have cameras and microphones that cost $50 up to tens of thousands of dollars. Every aspect of your video can be tweaked or made better with some new piece of gear like the lighting, sound, mixers, etc. 

For now, don’t worry about all of that. What you have on you is probably more than enough for what you need to produce. The phone most people carry in their pocket would outshoot cameras that cost tens of thousands of dollars just a couple of decades ago. 

And most audiences aren’t expecting Hollywood. Remember earlier we said that people actually prefer slight imperfections in your delivery? This extends to video production as well. As audiences have grown up with more and more video content, they trust imperfections more as it reads as less rehearsed and more natural. Things people used to avoid, like a traffic siren going off in the background, help audiences connect more with your piece now. 

Have you noticed what more and more brands are doing? Live video. Yes, it’s sometimes more sloppy and prone to mistakes. But your audience loves connecting with you and your brand in a way that feels more natural and real. You wouldn’t be able to run your business if you couldn't talk about your product. All you have to do is channel your natural enthusiasm for your product or service into a video. 

Don’t worry about all that high-tech magic just yet. 

Practice What You’re Going to Say

“But you just said audiences love businesses that appear more natural.”

They do. But it’s a fine line between sloppy and focused. You want to appear like you’re talking naturally, but you also don’t want to be “umming” and “awwing” through your video. Your audience has a ton of content vying for their attention. You need to ensure you’re on point and focused so that you can hold their attention for the whole video. 

Before you shoot, sit down and think about what you need to say. Write it down, but don’t memorize it. Re-read it and have some co-workers read what you wrote. Is it too short or too long? Are you over or underexplaining? Get feedback from multiple people and get a feel for what could be improved. 

You don’t just walk into a high-stakes sales pitch without going over what you’ll say beforehand, do you? Similarly, you don’t hit record before running your lines a few times. 

Believe us when we say you will get awkward the first few times you start to record. Even if you’ve practiced 10 times, the first time you speak when cameras are rolling will not go as planned. That’s OK. But don’t use that as an excuse not to practice. What you’re producing could live on for many years to come, and you want to ensure it’s the best you can do at this moment in time…even if it might make you cringe in a few years. 

Get Into the Right Mindset Before Recording or Going Live

Breathe. Relax. 

Take a moment for yourself. Remember, you’re not shooting on film, so there’s usually little expense associated with doing another cut. You’ll mess up but can shoot again without issue. 

Nervous energy will be noticed by your viewers. The right amount, again, is endearing. But too much is off-putting. 

Don’t be afraid to address the nervous energy head-on by acknowledging it in your video. Many do this in public speaking, and it works equally well in video. Usually, just letting go of it is enough to move past it. It’s when we’re fighting to not show it that we show it the most. 

Remind yourself that all you’re doing is helping your viewers. You have some information that they searched for. They were looking for this information and advice, and YOU have it. Let that sink in before you start recording. 

They came looking for YOU, not you for them. So, breathe, relax and talk with them like any customer. You’re simply helping them with a problem or some information they’re lacking. You do this every single day already. 

Focus Yourself On One Thing

Some of us are like hydrants. Once we open up, it’s hard to stop the flow. 

You have a natural enthusiasm for your business and what you know. That excitement can be infectious – in the right amount. 

It’s easy to get hyped up making your video, thinking about all the fantastic things you can share with your viewers. We love that enthusiasm!

But don’t overlook a key detail. Your audience is busy and has a specific question or issue they want to answer. 

While you might want to share everything under the sun about your product or service, that’s not why they clicked on your video. The title promised some advice or answer, and you need to focus on that and that alone. 

You can make other videos covering that additional knowledge or information. For now, answer one thing and stop. That’s what you promised, and that’s what you will deliver. 

This also helps you focus your planning and preparing so that you cover the previous points. 

That’s a Wrap

Audiences today can’t get enough video. The average person consumes more than 100 minutes of video content daily. People search videos on just about anything imaginable. If they don’t find your product or service, they’ll find a competitor’s video. 

If you’re not already producing video content, get started. It’s more important for a business's content marketing strategy than ever to have video content generating leads and new customers. 

But don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Start with what you have and what you know best. Make small, focused videos that solve one problem at a time. Practice a little, but don’t be afraid to share your natural self. 

No one’s expecting Scorcese. Have some fun with it. Who knows? You might learn new things about yourself and your products along the way!

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