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What Does the Consumer Internet of Things Mean for Marketers?

Marketers might be interested in a recently published article about the consumer internet of things. Its abbreviation is cIoT. cIoT is an integrated system in which computers predict consumer behavior based on data. cIoT might be used to give the user some feedback (e.g., miles walked), create offers based on customer lifestyle (time to buy new shoes), or adjust to offer sales (one book buy based on reading history). The article suggests that marketers inform themselves about cIoT in order to adapt to developing trends.

Key Takeaways:

We are on the verge of seamless purchasing by consumers using new internet-connected smart devices known as consumer Internet of Things.

These cIoT devices allow marketers to customize the buying experience to individual customers in a consistent and continuous way.

Cloud computing, more consumer data aggregation, and predictive software are enabling this coming revolution in consumer marketing.

“By commerce-enabling smart things, marketers can be more creative in how they commercially engage customers, providing a contextual experience in which customers receive offers in the moment when they’re most likely to buy.”

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