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Dealing with Modern Phishing Attacks

Modern internet phishing attacks are easy to avoid if you pay attention. There are obvious telltale signs of phishing sites and email. There are things today that have been implemented in Email sites such as Google. They have spam filters that block a large portion of phishing emails from getting to the main inbox. There are also signs of phishing sites if you visit one, they are usually hosted in other countries. The sites normally contain multiple errors in words and grammar. The too good to be true phishing offers is one of the biggest tell tales of a phishing website.

Key Takeaways:

Many organizations put a significant amount of money and effort into securing their networks.

Hacking has become a business, and a core part of a good business is ensuring that things are done in the most efficient way possible.

Modern hackers use a variety of different techniques in order to trick the end-user into giving up sensitive information.

“Phishing attacks are simple but very effective. As a result, organizations now need to focus their cybersecurity resources on teaching their employees how to prevent phishing attacks from compromising their systems.”

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