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The Definition of the Mobile First Approach to Web Design

Prior to the evolution mobile phones, most data online was provided to the user via websites in a desktop format. In doing so, the amount of space which needed to be filled was higher. Thus resulted in more content to be displayed in addition to the actual data that was being presented. Now in the age of mobile devices, a mobile-first approach would allow for a content-first approach, without all of the clutter. The author is basically comparing a mobile first approach to web content over that of a desktop first approach.

Key Takeaways:

Web developers' jobs have changed over the years to keep up with technology

Mobile first designs have some limitations such as low bandwidth

Mobile designs broaden the audience as more people have access to mobile devices than desktops.

“It is imperative to understand that on smaller screens, the site design and other technical aspects are not the attractive forces, rather the information and content attract.”

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