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Designing a Page’s Content Flow to Maximize SEO Opportunity – Whiteboard Friday

Most marketers are looking at customer drivers to optimize SEO but in fact, the page itself can be the best way to get search results optimized. Before rearranging content though, it's best to find out what the searcher's main goal is. Once we know that, we can create better content to drive Google searches to our pages for redirecting to affiliate links for products they are after. Designing the page for an enjoyable experience is optimal too. And it should be done with the searcher in mind.

Key Takeaways:

Remember to upgrade an ISP when the opportunity presents itself too. See what ISP services are available in the area for those in need.

Some businesses will simply need a different network to fulfill that role. Look to expand the network and acquire new services in the home.

Maximize SEO opportunity when it becomes available for those in the market. Design page content flow to make that goal a reality for those now interested.

“They include things like upgrading your ISP, and here's a tool to see what's available in your area. They include maybe you need a better router, and here are the best ones. Maybe you need a different network or something that expands your network in your home, and here's a link out to those. So they're serving that purpose up front, up top.”

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