how to choose the best cms

Does the choice of CMS for creating websites have anything to do with search rankings?

The choice of CMS has nothing to do with rankings in browsers. WordPress being one of the most popular platforms for website-building does not have any advantage over other CMS, as far as search rankings. It's the ease of use and other added features that make it very attractive to the user, such as the availability of plugins, quick set up, responsive design or low cost of maintenance, among many other advantages. However, promotion-wise it's neither a better nor worse choice compared to other CMS.

Key Takeaways:

WordPress sites take less time to set up than other sites like it.

WordPress sites are more versatile compared to other similar counterparts.

WordPress is cost-effective to utilize in that you only need to pay for the host.

“How you want to use the website and the budget would influence the process of creating a site and the choice of CMS.”

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