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Dubb: Screen Recording, Project Management, CRM — plus so much more!

How many times, especially in the past year, did you think to yourself “how nice would it be if I could just record my screen to show this person what I am talking about?” We have the perfect tool recommendation for you: Dubb.

Dubb is really an all-in-one tool to better organize your marketing. You can use it to record tutorials,  keep on track with the task manager, send email campaigns, and communicate with your team. It’s a great device to use if you are a team that works remotely. 

Some great features: 

Screen recording: not only is the screen recording feature great when you’re working from home, but it’s also great when you are doing tutorials or presentations. You could be preparing for a big presentation for potential clients and have the ability to watch yourself and take notes to better yourself for the real deal. Or similarly, you can record a presentation and upload it right to YouTube or your website.

Easy access: you can get to Dubb’s features by using the Chrome Extension, or downloading the desktop or mobile app. It can also be easily integrated with popular workplace apps like Gmail, Slack, Salesforce, etc.

Tracking: Dubb functions as a great CRM (customer relationship manager), allowing you to keep your contacts right in the app, see your deals that are either closed or in the pipeline, and access the results of your emails. In addition to the CRM, it also has task management tools, so you and your team can work efficiently on all the different projects you have. 

All of these awesome features are just the beginning! We highly encourage you to check out Dubb yourself. It’s not only a quality tool, but it’s also budget-friendly. So many features at a great price. What could be better?! Not to mention it saves another meeting that could have been an email. 

Check out how you could use Dubb for your business here.

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