Penalty for Spammy Structured Markup

Everything You Need to Know About Spammy Structured Markup Penalty

When used correctly, it’s a smart decision to use structured markup data to support websites in displaying accurate search data and to increase search visibility. But when it’s not used correctly, your website could be hit with a penalty, which can hurt your site. There are measures you can take to have a spammy structured data penalty removed and to avoid future instances. For more information, refer to the Google Webmaster Central office hangout or search for questions on Reddit, Twitter, and in general forums.

Key Takeaways:

Structured markup data is used by a website to make Google understand better the content on a page.

The key to a spammy structured markup is that it doesn't seem spam like, but there may be links to items other than the one you are looking for.

Google has been assessing penalties for these tricks and people may be inadvertently costing their company money.

“The road to correctly used markup data is easy, but you have to do your work first.”

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