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No social media platform has grown as rapidly and transformed people’s lives as much as Facebook. With nearly 1/3rd of the world’s population using the platform and 81% of American adults using Facebook daily, it’s a must-use tool for reaching your future customers. 

Most businesses understand the platform’s influence these days. However, many companies are still failing to maintain an active presence. Nearly 40% of small businesses don’t have social media in their digital marketing strategy. There are many reasons businesses will slow or neglect to post on Facebook. Maybe they’re not seeing the results they expected or they simply don’t have the time? One of the most common reasons people fail to maintain a regular posting schedule is feeling stuck or lacking ideas on what to post. 

It’s no wonder many feel stuck. With leading marketing sites recommending that users post at least once per day, that’s a lot of content for a small business to come up with.

Thankfully, that’s why we’re here today. We hope this list helps inspire your future posts and gives you some ideas that will hopefully help your next post or inspire you to come up with some completely new ideas of your own.

  1. Share behind-the-scenes photos or videos of life in the office. Customers love seeing the people and processes behind things. 
  2. Write a post using only Emojis and reward the first customer who can “decode” your message. 
  3. Share a video lesson on how to use your product or service. It doesn’t have to be long, just short and to the point. 
  4. Use a Facebook live post to share an off-the-cuff video about your product or service. This allows you to be “less scripted” and connect more naturally with your customers (but we’d still recommend you plan out what you’ll say in advance). 
  5. Ask your readers to participate in a poll or survey. People love sharing their opinions online and this is always a great way to boost engagement. Plus, you get real feedback from your customers about products or services. 
  6. Post about the results of the survey or poll. Talk about how you plan to use this information or changes you will be making to your product because of this feedback. Not only does this give you a post, but it also establishes trust with your audience, confirming that your company values and acts on user feedback. 
  7. Hold a Q&A session Live on Facebook. Connect with your audience in real-time and gain valuable feedback and insights about your company or product. 
  8. Break up your long-form content into a short, bite-sized piece. For example, you could take a key point from a blog article and then link out to the whole article. 
  9. Promote complementary products or services. It goes without saying that you don’t want to feature your competitor’s product. But your customers will appreciate it if you help them find something that helps them out. You can get bonus points for recommending other local small businesses. 
  10. Ask your customers to create content for you. Hold photo contests or simply ask your customers to share an image of them using your product or wearing something with your logo. 
  11. Research what’s trending in your industry, and then create a post or video discussing your unique take on this new development. 
  12. Share positive feedback you’re getting from your customers. You can share a testimonial (bonus points for video), case study, or photograph of a thank you card. 
  13. Run an exclusive Facebook offer. One of the biggest reasons people sign up with company pages is hoping for access to deals and exclusive offers. 
  14. Hold a contest or giveaway. People love getting something for nothing. But try to be creative and pick something that will inspire your followers and appeal mostly to your target demographic. You don’t want a prize that brings in tons of views, but most of them aren’t your target market. 
  15. Share upcoming events. Your company should be active in your local community. Let your customers know what industry or local events you’ll be attending. 
  16. When you network with a complementary business, let your customers know. Post about someone you connected with and tag them to bring their network into yours and vice versa. 
  17. Host a Facebook Live series. Take a specific issue, event, or service and make a live video every day for a week to focus on the topic. 
  18. Make your own Facebook “show”. If you notice your audience engagement numbers tend to be up at a certain time, schedule an ongoing or recurring time slot at this time to a weekly show (similar to having your own TV show). 
  19. Re-use older posts that performed well for you. The Facebook algorithm keeps many posts from your fans. Reframing older content that you know has worked before is a great way to get that information back in front of fresh eyes. 
  20. Repurpose content into a new format. Have a blog post that’s performing well for you? Think about turning that post into a script and videoing it for your audience. Or maybe you can turn a blog post into an infographic? Everyone takes in information in different ways, so giving different options for how to consume content will ensure more customer engagement. 
  21. Ask for help with a problem. If you or a customer has a small problem or issue, ask your audience for their favorite solution or how they might solve the problem. 
  22. Share your favorite quote. You don’t have to keep it only to inspirational quotes. Humorous quotes can sometimes be shared even more than inspirational posts. 
  23. Get personal. You can share something from your personal life like a video or photo from a holiday or industry event you attended. Humanizing your company helps your customers root for you and your success. 
  24. Celebrate your milestones. Did you have your 1000th customer? Let everyone know and celebrate your win. It might seem like bragging, but your customers like being part of your success as well. Be sure to thank your loyal customers who have been with you from the early days while celebrating your current successes. 
  25. Post a “fill in the blank” or ask your audience to answer. For example, our company’s biggest productively killer is ____. You could share yours or ask your customers what their biggest issue is. Asking open-ended questions lets your audience feel like they’re an active part of things and sharing your own answers gives your audience insight into your inner workings. So, it’s a win both ways!

Hopefully, these tips will help you get started posting more frequently on Facebook. Remember you want to have a regular presence on Facebook. Consistency is key. Create a calendar of posts to help you manage all your ideas and add them to your small business's digital marketing strategy. 

Once you’ve posted, don’t neglect the data. Digital marketing is different from older marketing methods in that there’s hard data on every post’s performance. So, you don’t have to guess about what’s driving engagement. If you notice a certain type of post gets more views, think about developing more in that style.

But don’t get too paralyzed by the numbers. Sometimes you have to do something for a while before it sees results. Try things out and see what works. Many social media posts and digital marketing tactics don’t take much time at all and can be done during a short break in your daily activities. 

If you need help with your digital marketing strategy, we’re here to help. Digital marketing is what we do at Strategic Websites. 

We love seeing our customers succeed on Facebook and online. Schedule a call with us today and we can talk to you more about what you’re doing and how we might be able to help you succeed on Facebook and online. 

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