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Free & Easy Design Resources for Your Nonprofit

Non-profits must find cost-effective ways to ensure that their digital footprint effectively cuts through the digital noise around us and attracts the right audience. There are several free image editing applications that can be utilized to create unique digital images. These solutions are easily accessible and are simple to use, even for novices. They also provide additional features that will allow advanced users to create advanced graphics. Another option would be to utilize free stock photos to create digital media that promotes the non-profit.

Key Takeaways:

Only 0.24% of the total advertising people see per day has an impact on the target audience.

Some people no longer need a graphic designer to make their own ads, logos, banners, designs and so on.

There are different tools and software with several free images in order to help you with your projects.

“A good, clear message can be a great emotional motivator to get people to investigate deeper and ultimately engage with your product or service.”

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