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Get the Most Out of Defender and Maximize WordPress Security

Most websites including WordPress websites are not very secure. They have some alternate solutions, but it is still way behind. I cannot fathom adding my business to this format for the fear that my customers will reap full damages from hackers that want to steal their precious and personal information. Not in this day and age. The Defender says it is a solution but I highly doubt it. Highly vulnerable!!!

Key Takeaways:

Websites are always vulnerable to security threats, and those built with WordPress are certainly no exception.

Fortunately, there are a number of tools that WordPress site operators can use to enhance the security of their pages.

The most powerful and versatile of these is the free Defender plugin, which brings to the table a host of diverse and useful custom security features.

“Anyone who owns, builds, manages, or hosts WordPress sites should be obsessed with security”

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