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Google wants to help developers make better websites

Chrome User Experience Report is a new tool created by Google that is intended to help developers improve their websites. It improves over prior tools by letting developers have access to public information about how their website compares to others. It gives developers data from 10,000 origins to be able to see how chrome users experience their site from all different systems, software and networks. Right now the data set focuses on loading metrics only but Google has announced that it hopes to expand coverage in the future.

Key Takeaways:

Google is working to help website developers with any project required. They are offering a variety of tools to manage website design from start to finish.

Try to imagine how real world users could experience a new website. Up until now, that option wasn't available for website development teams.

Get the right feedback and think about how to manage website development in full. Google will oversee that process and help developers manage that goal in full.

“Developers already have access to a number of tools that let them see how real-world users experience their websites, but until now they weren't able to see how their website user experience compared to others.”

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