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Here’s 5 Smart Ways to Plan Your E-commerce Sales Promotion

Planning a sale at your e-commerce site should be done with proper planning and a great strategy in place. Sadly many people fail because they don't take the time to plan their sales properly. It is time to break that habit and do more for your sales promotion with these five awesomely easy to use tips.

Key Takeaways:

It’s a time-consuming task deciding which items to markdown and how to publicize a sales event. However, sales promotions play an integral role in attracting customers.

Start by using customer analytics. Historical purchasing habits can uncover what promotions performed well. Social media comments also provide first-hand details on whether customers possess interest.

Every sales promotion doesn’t need to involve discounting your signature product. Instead, it can focus on secondary items.

“A survey found that up to 50% of consumers make a purchase only with a promotion. Shoppers desire a good deal before they invest in your products.”

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