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Are Home Service Ads the death of home-based businesses on Google?

An article relates that local home-based businesses are going to be affected by a change in the way Google does its listings. Google is quietly going city to city and is removing home-based businesses from the top of their lists. It did this in San Diego recently and removed eighty nine per cent of home-based businesses from local results. Companies were forced to pay to be included, or risk being put behind all paid ads. The writer of the article states one way to avoid this problem is to set up a home as a storefront, with staffing and signage.

Key Takeaways:

Home-based businesses are being removed from the local results and are usually listed last.

All of the home-based listings aren't showing an address or explanation.

You must turn your home into a storefront to prevent your ad from being hidden.

“If you’re a home-based business and are losing sleep wondering when this will roll out to your industry and city, it’s time to start planning ahead.”

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