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How can a blogger improve website traffic and monetise their website?

Even small sites that are mainly just a blog, for example, can do things to improve the usability of their site and potentially monetize it. It's important to create interesting pieces that are easy for viewers to engage with. It's not productive, to stuff a lot of keywords into a piece of content, or ram it full of images. It's worth shelling out a bit more for a web host that will provide a better website speed. Higher Google rankings tend to align with sites which have a secure sockets layer implemented. Consider AMP, or accelerated mobile pages. Most online buyers are accessing their buys on Mobile. AdSense is the best-paying option. If a blog site reviews products Amazon Affiliates is an excellent way to monetize a blog site. For an affiliate website, AWIN is the biggest, besides covering a really wide array of products. Once a site achieves some profitability, management services, which can take over a lot of the advertising day-to-day issues, is a useful possibility to consider.

Key Takeaways:

You can monetize a website in a lot of ways and with dozens of advertising platforms once there is some traffic.

More important to traffic than SEO, is the quality of content. Implementing SSL has been correlated to first page rankings.

User experience matters, making website speed and mobile friendliness critical.

“There are a lot of ways to monetise your website and dozens of advertising platforms. The three easiest to deal with in my opinion are AdSense, Amazon and then AWIN.”

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