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How to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts By Planning Ahead

By now many business owners and marketers have caught on to the fact that creating curated content boosts exposure, leads and hence sales. However, it's a very wise idea to put a plan in place. In fact, about a third of marketers confess that staying organized when it comes to content is a major challenge. So, first off create a content editorial plan. Use content calendars and involve staff in the process. Secondly, as you decide what to write about and then also put some influencers or other contacts in place, that can help you to promote what goes out. A third consideration that doesn't always get time allotted to it in the planning stages, yet should, is the consideration of reuse. It's a good idea to plan on which ideas are going to prove useful to viewers, enough so that they can be reused across various venues, in a variety of ways. Of course, knowing where you want your content to go is also hugely important, whether it's a blog on your home site, or a podcast on a sister site, or a media platform offering. It all matters.

Key Takeaways:

The most important thing in content marketing is documenting and developing the content.

Understanding the needs and attitudes of the target audience is very important.

You can always gain a major advantage by planning ahead of time.

“A Tasty, Strategic Addition to the Content Marketing Table: ‘Repurposed Content Cobbler’.”

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