How to Create Reports Your WordPress Clients Will Actually Want

WordPress is a program for writing blogs, and clients of WordPress rely on reports that include information from Google Analytics, Adwords, CRM, SEO, and other elements. Writing these kinds of reports can be a challenge, as clients often are burdened with other work projects, and may not always take time to review reports. Thorough coverage and effective concise writing is a must when communicating with WordPress clients through reports. A crucial communication tool to utilize with clients is making a personal phone call, in order to review reports and identify problem areas.

Key Takeaways:

Make every communication valuable. Summarize key data points, and don't focus on presenting raw data.

Create custom reports that are tailored to each individual client, focusing on data that is critical for their business.

To maintain consistency in the branding and delivery of reports, aggregate and consolidate data from different sources.

“If you have built or are managing a WordPress site for your clients, then Google Analytics is essential.”

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