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Investigating the 4 SEO Mistakes Copywriters Frequently Make

There are 4 SEO mistakes that copywriters make all of the time. Not researching their keywords is one of the big mistakes. For some reason, a large number of copywriters fail to do this task. Using the wrong link building tactics is another thing they do. Link building is a huge aspect of content marketing. This is how you gain visibility and also a lot of traffic.

Key Takeaways:

SEO is becoming commonplace and web developers need to adjust. There are frequent mistakes that can actually be avoided by savvy web development teams.

Think through the project and keep everyone on the same page for SEO work. That will avoid a lot of mistakes right from the start of the effort.

Educate team members and keep them on board with the SEO effort now underway. That should eliminate much of the guesswork associated with SEO related assignments on location.

“If you want to develop quality content that reflects your brand’s values, engage customers, and satisfy evolving search engine expectations, then you need to work with content writers who have a thorough understanding of SEO.”

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