Steps for getting more eyes on your blog content

Is Anybody Out There? How to Get More Eyes On Your Blog Content

The first thing bloggers need to do is create amazing blogs. Without sharp content, no amount of work will bring readers to the blog. But once a blogger has great content, he or she needs to use a variety of channels to bring a large audience to the blog through amplification. Amplification strategy number one is to put social media announcements on repeat. Most bloggers don't announce a blog more than once or twice. Explore paid channels like google ads. Invest in email lists. Reach out to people and websites and track all promotion techniques.

Key Takeaways:

Reposting content at the right time can increase content views.

It is worth at least testing the use of paid ads on every channel.

Measuring metrics can help optimize content even if it is not meeting your KPIs.

“Repetition on social media is key, but it looks like the majority of marketers are holding back.”

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