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Just How Much is Your Website Worth, Anyhow? An Easy Guide to Valuation

What makes an online business worth buying to a potential investor and what key factors should be hit in order to boost that worth? First focus on search engine optimization, what it is and how to improve it. Average net profit and the history of the online business also have a considerable impact on worth. Social media following, email subscribers and actual traffic to the site can increase the sale price for a potential sale as well.

Key Takeaways:

A professional broker can help you calculate what your website is truly worth to a buyer.

SEO is your most valuable asset, once you have put the work into achieving your ranking, your efforts can bring in traffic to your site for months.

To calculate your website's value the broker uses many factors in including average revenue, growth, profit and your history to name a few.

“SEO is by far the most attractive traffic source for people looking at purchasing online businesses.”

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