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Meetings without background noise – are they possible?

Picture this: you're pitching your services to a prospective client, and you're about to seal the deal, and then your kid decides it's the perfect time to turn up the TV volume because the volume wasn't high enough in the first place. Do you get up from your meeting and tell them to turn the TV down? Or do you make a joke and just continue on hoping they will understand? One app will eliminate this scenario from ever happening (again): Krisp.

That sounds too good to be true… how is that even possible?

Krisp adds an additional layer between your physical microphone/speaker and conferencing apps, which doesn’t let any noise pass through. They collected and listened to serious amounts of noises to make this possible. 20,000 noises, 50,000 distinct speakers, 2,500 hours of audio. We're thinking they know every noise out there and how to get rid of it. Their audio processing recognizes and removes any noise in the background.

You can download the app right to your Mac or Windows, and it also integrates with your everyday work-from-home apps like Slack, Skype and Zoom.

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Here's to clear sound no matter where you are, or who you're with! Ahhhhh….

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