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Making the Case for Nofollowed Links

Nofollowed links are a type of inbound link that do not affect Google rankings. Nofollowed links, however, do have some benefits, which include directing traffic to your site and increase awareness of your brand. Building a natural link portfolio helps avoid penalties and links may be converted to follow in the future. Even Google's official response on nofollowed links is vague, however, and it is unclear that they truly do not have any effect on rankings after all.

Key Takeaways:

There are two types of inbound links: followed and nofollowed.

It has become common for high-profile websites and websites that publish lots of user-generated content (like press release services) to make all of their outbound links nofollowed to avoid spam.

So, when you’re link building as part of your Non-profit website's SEO program, don’t get so hung up on whether or not a link is followed or not.

“If a website’s link portfolio is mostly followed links, there’s something fishy about that and it might be cause for the search engines to investigate further, and potentially give a penalty.”

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