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What You Need to Know About Optimizing Content for Voice Search

Voice search is increasing as supporting technologies develop. Amazon Echo, Google Home and Cortana are leaders in the voice search movement. With this new technology, marketing needs to focus on the best avenue to channel content to consumers. By using the featured snippets marketers are able to get an advantage on their competitors. The top five factors include the following; links, quality content, on page optimization, engagement metrics, and speed. Voice search is an important part of a marketing strategy. But the main focus should always remain content. With these combined tools and quality content, marketers have all the tools needed to remain on the cutting edge as new technologies emerge.

Key Takeaways:

Featured snippets are driving more search engine results therefore the industry is focusing on how to rank these hits and to optimize for them.

Conversational keywords and structured data markup allow the search engine to understand the context of the content or searches and to provide more informative results.

Voice search is cool, but it's only one aspect that marketing should be concerned with; content is still the most important.

“Schema markup helps search engines understand what the content is on websites. By helping search engines understand the context of the content, they can provide more informative results for users.”

Read more: http://www.toprankblog.com/2017/11/voice-search-optimization/

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