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Why Your Nonprofit Website Can’t Just Be “Good Enough”

It's important to forego becoming complacent with your position in web design and development as a nonprofit. While resources can be thin, especially when it comes to the easily overlooked web presence you need to maintain, you must ensure you are aware of the latest trends and ideas in nonprofit website development in order to stand out among the vast amount of sites people see every day. This is particularly true of young people more accustomed to the rapid changes found on the web and will quickly move on from a page that is dated or lacks modern approaches. The website is often your one and only way to get your message and mission out there to people who care but are confronted with a staggering array of options. This means you can lose or be lost in the shuffle. You need to break down your message into key parts and then focus on your web design efforts to reach your target audience.

Key Takeaways:

Having the This is good enough mindset will not work.

Younger generations and millennials do not like websites that are not mobile-friendly.

Make sure your website has key features people look for.

“Simply put, you should always be evaluating your site from your audience’s point of view.”

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