Creating & Using Nonprofit Marketing Funnels

A strategic article on how to create a good marketing platform for nonprofits. It goes into detail on the proper format to get the message out to donors. It outlines questions that need to be asked in order to target the right audience. It also goes into detail on a standard reverse pyramid that will typically work in attracting donors with the five layers being awareness, interest, involvement, investment and sharing. It then explains how to use these levels to increase your nonprofit marketing ability and build your network of potential donors.

Key Takeaways:

You need to identify how the audience gets from step to step regarding their engagement.

You can use social media and outreach to figure this out – ask for input.

Sharing is the final step of engagement in the non profit.

“There are likely an infinite number of specific journeys that your audience can travel through as they learn more about what you do and get more involved with your organization.”

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