Video Best Practices

Nonprofit Video Best Practices: 9 Examples and What to Learn from Them

Nonprofit organizations use video to get the word out and advertise. Some things to think about when producing your video include good lighting, using the right technology, and following copyright laws for music and images. YouTube has some great examples and a program that can help you financially and professionally. Some examples of campaigns demonstrating memorable impact include The Adventure Project, Charity: Water, Donate Life America, Concern USA, Greater Than Aids, Cancer Research Institute, Save The Children and Lung Cancer Foundation of America. Watching videos from these organizations provides a good example of how to form your campaign and produce your own nonprofit video.

Key Takeaways:

Importance of using the right natural settings when making a video.

There are plenty of apps and editing software out there. Use the right one.

Make sure you don't violate rules and get in trouble.

“When it comes to video production, it doesn’t take much to look professional.”

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