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Pros and Cons of AdWords Upcoming Ad Suggestion Beta

There are some pros and cons of AdWords upcoming ad suggestion beta. AdWords is going to be bringing out a brand new beta to a few different advertisers that is called Ad Suggestion. This is a feature that will allow Google to create ads automatically and then launch them into the account of an advertiser. One of the good things about this is that it increases the number of clicks. A bad thing is that an ad copy could be low quality.

Key Takeaways:

A new feature on Google is Ad Suggestion which creates an ad and puts in on the advertiser's account.

A pro to this feature is the increase by 5-15% in clicks to a website with 3 or more ads.

A con of Ad Suggestion is the company's expectations not fulfilled because of ad quality.

“While the idea of having automated ads added to the account may seem like a great time-saver, there are a few considerations before fully committing to this beta”

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