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Public Relations Vs Media Relations

Whether it's for a press release, or to promote brand recognition, or for some other tactical reason, businesses by default use media to get the word out. It's been done forever and it works. However, media is not 360 degrees of the possible communication circle in and of itself. Business owners and marketers are missing a valuable piece of the puzzle when they elect to use only media. With the digital tools available today it's possible to bypass the media and go directly to your specific audience. Public relations is the way businesses communicate with the rest of the world, including customers, leads and all others. Media can act as a funnel to ensure need-to-know-stuff gets out. Then there's is getting to your public by the straightaway. The content you create can go online, targeted to hit your bullseye audience. It's the most direct approach and its missing on the menus of many businesses.

Key Takeaways:

Decades ago, mainstream media was the only way to easily reach your audience; while today there are many more channels and real-time communication.

Public relations is essentially about reaching the public with information, not limited to mainstream media.

Smart PR pros have identified the web as a valuable way to directly deliver content.

“Media relation remains important and is still valid as a way to get attention.”

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