Lead Gen Results for Content Marketers

Report: Lead Gen Results Are Helping Content Marketers Measure Success

Lead gen results are assisting content marketers with measuring their success. Marketers really want to create the perfect content marketing strategy. There are some very useful metrics for measuring content market success. Lead generation. nurturing is the number one metric. 47 percent of marketers consider brand awareness to be an important goal. Only 34 percent of them say they get useful metrics from it though.

Key Takeaways:

Marketers are using a wide array of metrics to gauge their success.

“From a practical standpoint, if achieving an objective can not be measured, it is less useful than objectives that can be measured.”

Marketers may be able to enhance the success of their strategies by understanding what their target audience looks for in marketing content.

“The most effective content marketing and distribution strategies not only consider the importance of objectives, but also the usefulness of measuring them.”

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